Greetings Cerise lovers! A very short update about our exciting September/October screenings. But first…

Festival Recap: NYC International Film Festival
screened at the second annual New York City International Film Festival on Monday, August 22 to an audience of…well, three! There was me, that is Trigonis, and my two droogs (er, fellow filmmakers of one of the other films that screened that afternoon.)

And it was in the afternoon: 1:30pm on a Monday. Enough said, and totally understandable, too.

On the upside, it’s still an “Official Selection” for the word that took down Josh Kermes, and I did get to watch a couple of really good shorts alongside my own, which makes any experience all the more worthwhile.

September Screenings: Back-to-Back in Georgia. Sort Of…
If you happen to be in the Atlanta or Rome areas of Georgia, you may want to catch Cerise as our short film screens at Atlanta Shortsfest and Rome International Film Festival, which we are very excited for.

The catch? These two festivals are happening the same weekend: September 8 – 10!

I was hoping I’d be able to take a little road trip down to Atlanta, then perhaps shoot up north to Rome, but (1) it’s 15+ hours of driving (one way) which makes for a lot of card-swiping at the gas pump, and (2) I might not be able to fight against my desire to journey further north and west into Tennessee and explore that state, which I’ve had a hankering to do for about two years now; that, of course, means I’d have to lose a few days of work, which means a few days of money, and I can’t have that!

If anyone will be out there, please let me know. Maybe we can get your two cents about how Cerise fares at either of these two much talked about festivals.

OktoberFest: Home Town & Home Away From Home Screenings
My favorite month will be epic!

First, Cerise will be screening at the inaugural Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City (say that five times fast!) which happens from October 13 – 16, which is very exciting since Jersey City is not only where I currently live and received the best college education Uncle Sam’s money could buy, but it’s also where Cerise was born, shot, and cut! It’s a homecoming of sorts, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Then, Cerise will be screening at the 8th Annual Poppy Jasper Film Festival in Morgan Hill, California, from October 14 – 16!

Then later in October, Cerise will screen before the feature-length thriller Tilt (written by my good friends Julie Keck and Jessica King and directed by indie film rock star Phil Holbrook) as part of Film Courage’s prestigious Interactive at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles! Tilt, like Cerise, is a film that was made partially due to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Julie, Jessica and Phil told Team Cerise that they took a lot of inspiration from our campaign for Cerise, which made us happy. But like any great campaign, Tilt the Team also innovated on those techniques and brought them to the next level.

I’ve been dying to see Tilt ever since I showed the trailer at Cerise’s Big Apple Preview back in December, but I never dreamed I’d be able to screen my own film with it…and be there to experience it––Yes, I, along with Marinell and Alain, will be in LA to take it all in!

Dreams do come true after all.

*          *          *

Blood-red [bluhd-red] adjective 1. of the deep-red color of blood (from

*          *          *

…The blood-red blossoms,
brambles tilted, briars cerised and strange,
stained with



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