Un mise à jour courte —er, I mean, a short update about Cerise, including our latest festival acceptances, rejections, and upcoming screenings for April and May.

We’ve got B-I-G news: Cerise is going to Cannes!!

Now, before you get too excited –– it’s not the Cannes Film Festival proper (I didn’t submit to them this year!), BUT Cerise will be part of the Cannes Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival from May 11 until May 22. Marinell and myself are doing our very best to actually fly to the French Riviera, since it’s obviously a wonderful place to network, get Cerise seen by programmers and buyers, and rubbing elbows with the Weinsteins of Hollyworld. More details to come!

Speaking of wonderful, we’ve got more wonderful news. Cerise has also just been invited to screen at Bergenfield Film Festival on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) starting at 7pm! So mark your calendars if your closer to Bergen County than Cannes, ’cause I’ll hope to see some friendly, familiar faces there (and afterwards, we can all go out for some margaritas to celebrate Mexican independence, American-style!!)


And if you’re more of a New Yorker, well, as you may already know, you can check out Cerise when it screens alongside the Tribeca Film Festival at the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, happening on Tuesday, April 26th at 8pm.

Get your advance ($12) tickets here: http://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?showcode=7TH6

With acceptance of course comes rejection, and Cerise has just been rejected by the Cannes Independent Film Festival and the American Pavilion Showcase at Cannes. Getting into either of these film festivals (which would’ve grated Cerise a theatrical screening during the Cannes Film Festival) would have been more incentive to go into some steep debt with a trip to France. But in truth, not ever having to utter the words “What if…?” is incentive enough, I think!

With now over 40 film festivals submitted to, I’m hoping Cerise keeps up its momentum. When I submitted my last film Perfekt, it took over two dozen rejections before getting the first acceptance. With Cerise, we’ve got more acceptances than rejections, and that’s hopefully a good sign of greater things to come!

Our Second Crusade for Cerise is not over yet! If anyone wants to help out Cerise by sponsoring a film festival, please go to http://cerisemovie.com/support-cerise/festival, choose a festival and click that “Donate” laurel today; these submission fees can be quite costly, y’know, and your help is most appreciated (AND, you get a cool sticker Cerise sticker as a thank you!)

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Have a great month everyone! Spend it (and spell it) correctly!

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