It’s finally happened –– Cerise is now available for all to watch on Vimeo.

It’s been an exciting ride over the last two years, from crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, shooting, editing and scoring to three successful “Crusades for Cerise,” our little short film about a former spelling bee champ haunted by the word that took him down has screened at over twelve film festivals, was nominated for four awards, won an Award of Merit, and participated in the 2011 Cannes Short Film Corner and now comes to YOU to view time again.

So if you have yet to see this 22-minute masterpiece, click the link below and enjoy the word that took Josh Kermes D-O-W-N!


* * *

cerise [suh-rees, -reez] adjective, noun 1. the word that took Josh Kermes down. 2. a short film by John T. Trigonis. 3. moderate to deep red. (from, mostly)


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