A short update on the Connecticut screening, the Cerise DVD, EgoFest and the onset of the 2nd Crusade.

THIS PAST SUNDAY, Cerise screened to a very appreciative audience at The Palace Theatre in Danbury, Connecticut for an afternoon of indie cinema sponsored by Film Snobbery – LIVE, hosted by Nic Baisley.

Cerise, the second film amongst 2095, Meth, and The Crimson Mask, was followed by a brief Q&A with myself and Cerise producer Camiren Romero. Then I had the opportunity to partake in my very first spelling bee––a “cinema spelling bee” to be precise, spelling words related to filmmaking (I spelled “Macguffin” right, but almost tripped on “distribution.”) Go figure!

"Distribution. D-I-S-T-R..."


FOR ALL OUR INDIEGOGO BACKERS: I’ll be working on the Cerise DVD this month and am hoping to have them authored, packaged, and signed by April, which as many of you might know is National Poetry Month. I’d like to include the film, audio commentary with Camiren and I, two deleted scenes, and a couple other surprises.

The DVDs are a limited edition disc specifically for our $50 and up IndieGoGo backers.

IN MARCH, Cerise will screen at EgoFest in Brainerd. Marinell Montales will be heading out to EgoFest to be a part of the festivities put together by good friend and supporter Phil Holbrook. More information coming soon!

S-U-C-C-E-S-S-! I’m proud to announce that our 1st Crusade for Cerise was a colossal success thanks to Brenden Fogle, Ben Gerber, Eric Damon Walters and James F. Broderick for becoming Film Festival Crusaders in the name of our little short film.

We’ll begin a 2nd Crusade this week, so if you’d like to show some chivalry to Cerise and sponsor a festival, which will include some big, big festivals. We’ve a long year and change ahead for submissions, and the recognition has begun with our acceptance to EgoFest, and who knows how many other festivals we’ll spell out by the end!

Nacarat [nac-a-rat] noun – A pale, red color, with a cast of orange. (from Dictionary.com)


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