It’s official! The Second Crusade for Cerise has come to an end!

Thanks to a handful of wonderful Film Festival Crusaders Brendon Fogle, Marcella Selbach, Marinell Montales, Kerry Wilson, Gavin Ap’Morrygan and David Ulery.

In case you might be wondering just what the heck a “Crusade for Cerise” actually is, here’s the lowdown: Film festival submissions are costly, so the Team and I have been reaching out to all our family, friends, and our followers on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond to cover the cost of a festival submission fee. By doing so, you get knighted with the title “Film Festival Crusader” and get a cool Cerise sticker featuring artwork by Jersey City artist Matt Caputo, as well as a personal thank you card from me!

So far, and thanks to all of our Crusaders from the First and Second Crusades, we’ve been able to submit Cerise to almost 60 film festivals worldwide! 60 festivals! And already we’ve been invited to screen at EgoFest, NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, Bergenfield Film Festival and Staten Island Film Festival! Four fests! This is truly an exciting time for our little tale of about a former spelling bee champion who’s haunted by the word that took him down!

Sound like something you wish you’d taken part in? Well, don’t be too bummed that the Second Crusade is over––we’ve got a Third Crusade coming your way soon, so stay tuned to the website, the Cerise Movie Facebook page, and watch for updates from myself and Marinell on Twitter!


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