During Cerise‘s 2011 – 2012 film festival run, I launched three “Crusades for Cerise,” in which people like YOU helped front the costs of submitting a film to festivals by sponsoring a festival. In return, all of our “Film Festival Crusaders” received perks, from stickers to DVD copies of the films, very similar to the initial crowdfunding campaign for Cerise on Indiegogo, which raised an additional $6,300 to put towards the $10,000 I’d saved up over the course of a year to bring Cerise from script to screen.

Though these crusades have ended, this page remains as a thank you to all the of the wonderful supporters who helped Cerise win the hearts of film lovers across the country:

  • Gavin Ap’ Morrygan
  • Andrew Bichler
  • James F. Broderick
  • Dave Bullis
  • Brendon Fogle
  • Ben Gerber
  • Kimberly McMichael
  • Marinell Montales
  • F. Michael Schmeisser
  • Marcella Selbach
  • Michelle Simmons
  • David L. Ulery
  • Antonella Vallelonga
  • Eric Damon Walters
  • Susan Williamson
  • Kerry Wilson
  • Larry Dean Wilson

Cerise could not have had such a successful year without your dedication, support, and love for this short film that is near and dear to my heart.


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