It all started when Sir Brendon Fogle swung his mighty monetary blade powered by his faith in indie film towards the direction of two castles of cinematic screening. It continued when Sir Ben Gerber unfurled his formidable financial flail towards a third, believing we have a fighting chance of breaking in and earning a rightful seat in the screening house beside others like us.

This sounds a lot more violent than it actually is, I know, but it makes for a more dramatic intro that way.

So, just what the heck am I talking about?

Team Cerise has officially launched a Crusade (much more righteous and positively charged than the originals, I promise) to get Josh Kermes and his story into as many film festivals across the globe as possible. But, as many of you know, the cost of being a contender is not free (except in some exceptional cases––hats off to EgoFest and Flyway Film Festival), and usually runs anywhere from $15 to $100 or more for short films.

That’s why we’re reaching out to YOU for help.

How it Works
On the Cerise website, there’s a link for “Sponsor a Festival” under the “Support Cerise” tab, which shows an updated list of film festivals and their earlybird deadlines (only on very rare occasions or for certain festivals will I submit to regular or late deadlines). Any Cerise squires (supporters) who want to become Film Festival Crusaders (sponsors) can click the fancy “Donate” button and tell us which festival(s) they would like to foot the bill for.

What You Get
In return, you’ll get a shout out on Facebook and Twitter AND a hip Cerise sticker designed by local Jersey City artist Matt Caputo.

So please consider becoming one of Cerise’s Knights in Shining Armor and come to this short film’s aid by sponsoring a film festival in your area, or in general, today.

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