Greetings everyone, and Happy July 4th! Just a bit of a recap about Staten Island Film Festival, plus news about backer DVDs, two new “Official Selections” for Cerise and its first W-I-N!

Festival Recap: Staten Island Film Festival
screened at the Staten Island Film Festival (SINY) on Thursday, June 9 at 10pm to the tune of about 15 heads (impressive for that time frame, which was pushed forward to 10:30 because the other shorts block went into overtime.) All in all, Cerise got a great response, which is always good.

And of course, as most of you know, it was at SINY that Cerise was nominated for three awards––Best Short, Best Cinematography, and Best Actor. Marinell, Alain and I went to the Awards Ceremony on Sunday night, but Cerise did not win any awards that evening, but we did win the hearts of everyone who got to experience Josh Kermes and the word that brought him down.

Big Announcement #1: Cerise Wins Its First Award!
Like I wrote above, we didn’t win any awards that evening, but Cerise did win an Award of Merit at The Indie Fest, an online website that promotes short and feature-length films in the hopes to land distribution deals and screening opportunities. So this is some pretty exciting news!

Big Announcement #2: Cerise Screens at NewFilmmakers in July!
Mark those calendars yet again, New Yorkers, the Big Apple L-O-V-E-S Cerise! Our little short will be screening on Wednesday, July 6 at 7:30pm at the Anthology Film Archives. Tickets should only be about $6, so head to the website and book your tickets in advance so I can see you there!

Big Announcement #3: Cerise Screens at Vegas Cine Fest in August!
Josh, Shivam and the rest of the gang will be going to Las Vegas during the next to last week of August (the 25th, 26th and 27th). There’s no schedule as yet of when Cerise will be screening, but heck, it’s Vegas!

Backer DVDs Have Been Shipped!
I just received word from my good pal Gregory Colletti, proud backer and CEO of Triple ACE Productions, that the DVDs are duplicated and shipped, so all you $50+ funders should receive your copies of Cerise sometime within the next two weeks.

However…There’s a fairly large number of $50+ funders who didn’t supply a mailing address, which sort of makes mailing your copy of Cerise a bit difficult. So please check your IndieGoGo pages to see if you’re one of our address-impaired backers and send me a message on IndieGoGo or Facebook, tweet me on Twitter, or email with your mailing address and I’ll ship your copy right away.

The 3rd Crusade Is In Full Swing!
After two successful Crusades for Cerise, I’ve launched a third, and this time, there are plenty of B-I-G festivals on this list (like a little festival called Sundance and another called Slamdance!) Check out our “Sponsor a Festival” page and please find a festival and help us get into it by sponsoring the cost of submission. You get knighted as a “Film Festival Crusader” and get a really cool sticker! And in the days ahead, we’ll be doing special giveaways, so keep up-to-date!

So far, we’ve been sponsored for Calgary International Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival, Love Your Shorts Film Festival, and the highly prestigious Sundance Film Festival! But there’s plenty more biggies like these that need your support!

That’s all from the front lines of Cerise (actually, that’s quite a bit, truth be told!) Hopefully next month we’ll have even more goodness to spread your way, and a recap of our NewFilmmakers NY event! Until then, stay vermilion!

*          *          *

Vermilion [ver-mil-yuhn] noun 1. a brilliant scarlet red (from


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